Finance Committee

Oversee cash and funding management for church bank accounts, especially daily operations. Create policies for proper cash and disbursement management. Create annual budgets, for church approval, to effectively manage the money resources of the church.

The Finance Committee meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 7 p.m.

If you would like to contact the Finance Committee with an idea or question, please email

2023 Members:
Chairperson, Jeff Elver (2023)
Treasurer, Dean Phillips
Member at Large, Max Morris (2024)
Member at Large, Ken Kruempel (2023)
Member at Large, Andrew Bolstad (2023)
Member at Large, Nathan Kerns (2023)
Member at Large, Patty King (2023)
Member at Large:  Lori Kappmeyer (2024)
Member at Large:  Noah Jean (2024)

Administrative Lay Leader, Jane Jacobson 
Directory of Generosity, David Orth
Wesley Foundation Chair, Brian Brand
Rep. from Trustees/Property, Ted Wolff, Chris Strawhacker
Staff Representative, Rev. Dr. Mary L. Bellon
Financial Secretary, Jason Janssen


Agenda 12.19.23

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Minutes 11.21.23

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November 2023 Financial Report

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February 2023 Finaical Report

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2023 Budget

December 2022 Financial Report – Final