Who We Are

The purpose of Collegiate/Wesley is to build an inclusive community that invites all people to experience God’s unconditional love, grow in faith, and serve others.
The Picture (what this looks like)
Our inclusive community welcomes and affirms all persons without regard to gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental ability, marital status, economic condition or anything else which threatens to divide God’s family. In our quest to follow the example of Christ, we will employ no circles of exclusion and we commit ourselves to loving acts of invitation, hospitality, and reconciliation, providing ministry to, for, and with all persons without exception.
We know all are loved and called by God. In response, we
• Intentionally and enthusiastically share God’s love with all people.
• Strongly encourage everyone to be engaged in learning about themselves and their faith in order to strengthen their relationship with God and one another.
• Intentionally and proactively invest in people so they realize their God-given gifts and empower them to serve as a way of life.

Ever since it was first proposed in 1912, Collegiate United Methodist Church/Wesley Foundation Student Center has been a center for spiritual growth, service to the world, educational opportunities, and vital worship to the university community, to Ames, and to surrounding towns. Today, it’s a place where persons grow as disciples of Christ in a passionate, thinking, inclusive environment.

We invite you to nourish your spirit, explore your beliefs, and serve your neighbors with us! Here’s just a sampling of what’s in store for you at Collegiate/Wesley.

Nourish your spirit:

* Connect with God through meaningful worship services.
* Discover a progressive, welcoming, inclusive congregation.
* Form new friendships through small groups and Sunday School.
* Enjoy some quiet time in one of our two small chapels or our library.
* Engage your creativity and talent through several music groups.

Explore your beliefs

* Immerse yourself in thought-provoking Bible studies, small groups, and special events.
* Creative Sunday school classes for children spark imagination, passion and a sense of community.
* Questions are welcomed and individuality is affirmed during weekly youth gatherings.
* Dozens of small and large group events enable university students to think deeply and make meaningful connections. Learn more about our campus ministry, Wesley at isuwesley.com
* Adult Sunday School classes are always offered (during the school year).
* Hear sermons that connect head, heart and hands.

Serve your neighbors

* Put your passions to use through dozens of hands-on ministries.
* Regular service projects 
* Annual summer work trips for elementary, middle and high school youth take young people out of their comfort zones and into places where they can share God’s love in hand-on ways.
* Home of Clothing that Works.
* Active supporter of Food at First, The Bridge Home, Good Neighbor, our local schools, MICA and many other organizations that serve others.
* Founding and active member of The Bridge Home (Formerly, Emergency Residence Project), Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance, and Home for Awhile.
* Connect to global ministries through our missionary in Nepal and our many denominational connections.