Worship at Collegiate Wesley 

Service Times

 10:00 am In person worship in the Sanctuary

10:00 am Digital Worship/Livestream Worship

Facebook, YouTube and right here on our website! Look at our digital worship tab for more info!

We can’t wait to worship with you!

What’s your worship like?
Our digital and in person worship experiences are filled with hymns, scripture readings, prayers, a time for children, a sermon, special music, and other elements. 

How should I dress?
That’s really up to you! Some dress very casually, and others come in their “Sunday best.” Our advice: be comfortable. You’ll fit in just fine.

Where is the nursery?​

It’s near the west entrance, on the way to the Sanctuary. Come in the west entrance, turn left at the hallway, and the nursery will be just a few yards down on your right. (PS: Children are always welcome in worship.)

We do have the nursery available during the worship hour. 

Is there Communion during worship? Can I participate?​
At Collegiate/Wesley we celebrate communion once a month on the first Sunday of the month.

United Methodist churches have an “open table” approach to celebrating Communion. All persons are invited to participate…and we really do mean all – children too. The Communion liturgy (that is, prayers, words spoken by the clergy, etc.) we use varies from month to month, but you’ll always be guided in the Sunday morning worship bulletin. The ushers will direct you to come forward to receive Communion. You may also spend time in prayer at the altar rail at the front of the Sanctuary if you wish.

We take Communion by a method called “intinction.” That just means you’ll be given a small piece of bread. Take that and dip it part-way into the cup of grape juice. Gluten free bread is available from the Communion servers, so just ask if you need that.

Is there an offering? Where does it go? Is it tax-deductible?
At our morning services, there is an offering taken near the end of the service. That’s also when we ask everyone to put their “Connection Card” in the offering plate, so everyone can participate whether or not they make a financial donation. As our guest, there’s no obligation to give.

The offering goes toward all of our general expenses, from the staff and building to our programs and mission projects. Special offering envelopes are also available about twice each month which support local or global ministries, such as Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance or UMCOR.

All donations are tax-deductible. (Cash donations would have to be put in an offering envelope with your information.) We send out quarterly and annual statements to donors.

Most people give online, by the way. You can do that on a regular basis or just one time, if you wish, by clicking here.

Do I need to pre-register my child or myself for a Sunday morning class?​
Nope! You’re always welcome, all the time! Parents of young children are definitely welcomed to stay with them for a few weeks to help them become comfortable.