Service & Justice

Our faith calls us to make a difference in the world. We believe we do that through acts of service and acts of justice.

Service allows us to help meet the basic needs of our community, like serving meals with Food at First.

Justice compels us to ask deeper questions about the needs of our community and address the systemic injustices that cause them, like asking “why are people in our community hungry to begin with?”

Both are necessary to live out our call to follow Jesus. Here are some ways to join us:

Food at First

Collegiate/Wesley serves dinner every 4th (and 5th) Friday of the month at Food at First.

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Clothing that works

“Clothing That Works”, is a clothing service run by Collegiate United Methodist Church that gives adult workers new and used clothing and shoes to wear on the job. Everything is completely free.

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Service and Justice Survey

The Sending to Serve cluster would like to invite you to complete our 2021 Service and Justice Survey. This survey will help us shape the service and justice priorities for the 2021 calendar year. We appreciate your time in completing this important step in our work as a congregation.

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