Who We Are

The purpose of Collegiate/Wesley is to build an inclusive community that invites all people to experience God’s unconditional love, grow in faith, and serve others.
The Picture (what this looks like)
Our inclusive community welcomes and affirms all persons without regard to gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental ability, marital status, economic condition or anything else which threatens to divide God’s family. In our quest to follow the example of Christ, we will employ no circles of exclusion and we commit ourselves to loving acts of invitation, hospitality, and reconciliation, providing ministry to, for, and with all persons without exception.
We know all are loved and called by God. In response, we
• Intentionally and enthusiastically share God’s love with all people.
• Strongly encourage everyone to be engaged in learning about themselves and their faith in order to strengthen their relationship with God and one another.
• Intentionally and proactively invest in people so they realize their God-given gifts and empower them to serve as a way of life.