Cat Survey

Cat Survey Link

The CAT or Church Assessment Tool is available to the Collegiate Wesley community beginning today, Sunday, November 12.

Before curiosity kills the CAT, here is some information you may want to know.

  • Who should complete the CAT? Every individual who is a part of the CW community from confirmands through our church elders. Each voice at each life stage is important to hear.
  • What is the CAT? The Church Assessment Tool is a survey of about 100 questions, mostly multiple choice. It is designed to collect information on what We think are the strengths and needs of our church.
  • When will the CAT be available? The survey is open from today, November 12, and closes on December 3.
  • How does one complete the CAT? You may complete and submit it online. If you prefer a paper copy, they will be available from the Church Office and following worship on November 19, 26, and December 3.
  • Why complete the CAT? The Bishop and her Cabinet requested it to assist them in selecting our next senior pastor. Their selection process begins in early January, hence it is imperative that we complete the survey in the next three weeks. In addition, the Church Council plans to use the data to inform the Visionary Budget project.
  • The Bishop and the CW Church Council need to hear YOUR VOICE. This is your opportunity to speak your thoughts, dreams, and concerns about what CW needs for our future.
  • We appreciate you taking the time to complete this important survey.