Staff Parish Relations Committee

1) Communicate and interpret to the congregation the nature and function of ministry in the United Methodist Church.
2) Counsel and consult with the pastor and staff about their relationship to the congregation’s ministry.
3) Review and evaluate the effectiveness of the pastor and staff in helping the congregation meet its ministry goals.
4) Confer and consult with the pastor and the district superintendent about pastoral changes.
5) Enlist and recommend persons to enter into professional ministry

If you would like to contact Staff Parish Relations with an idea or question, please email

2023 Members:
Chairperson, Michael King (2025)
Member at Large, Darra Johnson (2025)
Member at Large, Mary Jo Banwart (2023)
Member at Large, Maren Wolff (2024)
Member at Large, LInda Carver (2024)
Member at Large, Jerry Sandine (2024)
Member at Large, Greg Halverson (2024)
Member at Large, Stephanie Hamilton (2025)

Staff Representative, Rev. Dr. Mary L. Bellon

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