Endowment Board

The CUMC/WF Endowment Fund is a 503(c)(3) non-profit corporation, led by a Board of Directors. The endowment funds are held in a variety of financial instruments. Decisions on investments and disbursements are reviewed and approved by the Board.

If you would like to contact the Endowment Board with an idea or question, please email endowmentboard@cwames.org.

2023 Members:

Chair, Mary Wickham (2024)
Vice Chair, Jeff Elver (2025)
Assistant Treasurer, Dean Phillips (ad hoc)
Secretary/Treasurer, Adam Faeth (2024)
Parliamentarian, Mike Bowman (ad hoc)
Grants Manager, Phil Poorman (2024)
Member at Large, Scott Elston (2023)
Member at Large, Jane Jacobson (2023)
Member at Large, Donna Vandehaar (2023)
Member at Large, Mary Buck (2025)
Member at Large, Sherry Hoyer (2025)
Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Mary Bellon