For the weekly devotions I’ll be using a collection of prayers by Padraig O’Tuama (O’Tooma) entitled Daily Prayers with the Corrymeela Community.  Padraig writes in the introduction: Use this book how you want. Mix up the prayers, and make your own. Write in the margins, cross words out, fix them, make a solution.  Each week I will share a prayer from the book.  I’ll share some of my thoughts and raise some questions encouraging you to do some reflecting and writing.  If you choose, you are welcome to send me your reflections/prayers at

First prayer – Luke 2: 20

God of fear,

God of the night,

God of the expectations,

You visited shepherds in the night

with songs and sights of joy.

In all our nights, turn us

towards hope, because

hope might just

keep us alive.


He begins the prayer with fear/night and ends with hope/alive.  The movement in the prayer from fear to life seems significant to me during this pandemic.  How about you?  His prayer reminds me of the creation story.  Can you think of other bible examples of these movements?  What are your fears right now?  Where is the hope?    Does the structure of the prayer have significance for you?  Where will you find joy in your “nights”?  How does prayer help us move from fear to hope?  Write down what this prayer moves you to do.  There’s a lot to unpack here.  May new thoughts and prayers abound!  Help me to be a shepherd in the night, O Lord.